Lumbago & Sciatica

Lumbago & Sciatica

The use of PRP and / or stem cell treatments greatly helps the facial tissue to heal and to regenerate healthy cell growth. When injected into specific areas of the skin, these procedures act as a matrix that promotes your own collagen to grow, regenerates old tissue, reduces brown spots, helps with acne, dark circles and thus, it creates a more smooth skin surface and also tightens the skin. The PRP facial procedure is well known with celebrities around the globe as: “The Vampire Facial.”

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Be Careful of Who Treats Your Back Pain

You are suffering from chronic back pain. You tried everything to cure it, but nothing seems to help. You made the executive decision to give stem cell therapy procedure a try, but after your treatment, the pain is still there. Stem Cell Miami made a valiant...

Have Arthritis? Stem Cells Offer a Natural Solution

Suffering from arthritis is no joke. You are constantly in pain and every moment seems to be more painful than the last. Why should you have to go through this? There is a way to get arthritis relief. With Stem Cell Miami, we are here to provide stem cell therapy...

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